Smart Water Meters

ION’s SMARTech® water meters achieve 50% more reduction in consumption compared to traditional water meters. Our SMARTMeters® deliver consumption data that dictates behavioral changes and habits from the owners, property management company and the tenants. Leaks, over-consumption and vacancy water usage is virtually eliminated. These habits drive efficiencies that allow tenant rental income to be maximized while utility expense is minimized with savings of 30-70% off your water bill saving up to $10,000 a month!

Patented ION SMARTMeters®

  • Consumption – Measures Gallons or Litres
  • Events – Times the water turns on and off
  • Time – Minutes water runs during each event
  • Temperature – Reads

Daily ION SMARTLeak® Reports

  • 100X More Accurate than Traditional Water Meter
  • Real-time wireless delivery
  • Fraction of the Size of Traditional Water Meters
  • Measure Riser Pipe Plumbing


  • 2.4 GHZ Wireless “Mesh Zigbee” Network
  • Pantened: Specifically for MultiFamily Properties
  • 10X More Data Transfer
  • Bi-directional Data Exchange
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Military and Utility Grade Network

The Process.

“Four Easy Steps to putting ION SMARTech® to work for you.”

Step 1

Utility Audit

The ION Utility Audit contains 12 to 24 months of utility consumption history to analyze and evaluate annual, monthly and daily consumption per apartment.

Step 2

Site Survey

We conduct a property site survey. This survey will typically about one hour, and will document in detail the mechanical architechture looking at the property plumbing, heating, cooling, hot water and electric.

Step 3

Proposal & Investment Analysis

ION comprises all of the utility data, extract areas for savings, leaks and show pricing for Smart-Meters, Return on Investment and Payback.

Step 4

Professional Installation

ION hires only licensed and insured contractors to ensure efficient and effective completion for the total project. These contractors will have ION project managers and engineers to train and maintain performance..