The Evidence:

The 2004 EPA Study of over 400,000 apartments documents that water Average Daily Consumption (ADC) for Apartments (2BR/1BA) is 145 Gallons per day. The ADC for Ion Energy Smart-Metered Apartments is 70-90 Gallons per day. That’s actually over 50% savings.

The Audit:

The Ion Utility Audit contains 12 to 24 months of utility consumption history to analyze and evaluate annual, monthly and daily consumption per apartment. The audit will demonstrate the costs of these utilities, opportunities for savings, conservation, efficiencies and detecting leaks. These results are then bench-marked with properties that operate at optimal efficiency to propose solutions using metering, software, maintenance and management.

Utility Audit

The High-Speed Highway to Unlock frozen NOI (Net Operating Income) trapped in tenant Utility expenses in now open. The Ion Energy Solutions patented smart-metering is the only patented solution that allows owners to proactively monitor and manage utility efficiencies to ensure optimal property performance.

The Ion Energy Solutions Utilities Audit is a tremendous way to measure a Multi-Family property utility performance. Multi-Family property owners are many times paying for utilities (most commonly water and hot water) for tenants which obviously adversely affects NOI. Tenant consumption without usage accountability and real-time monitoring is easily 40% higher than properties with Ion’s solution in place.

The Process:

We have a very simple two-step process. We first acquire copies of 12 to 24 months of utility bills – water, gas and electric. We then coordinate an on property walk-through site survey. This survey will typically take less than one hour to complete. It will document in detail the mechanical architecture looking at the property plumbing, heating, cooling, hot water and electric.

Investment Analysis:

The Ion Utilities Audit is then inserted into a thorough Investment Analysis. The Investment Analysis is a comprehensive worksheet demonstrating the costs to install the Ion Energy technology, the savings, the Return on Investment, the payback and a net-zero utility bill from the tenant.