ION SMARTLeak® Detection

ION's Leak Detection, Daily Leak Reports
and Over-Consumption Reports save Owners 30-70% on water bills resulting in monthly savings up to $10,000

ON Smart-Metered Properties:

  • Use 60% Less Water than Flat Fee Utility Allocation Properties
  • Use 60% Less Water than RUBS Properties
  • Use 50% Less Water than Non-Submetered Properties
  • Use 40% Less Water than Traditional Metered Properties

An EPA (Environment Protection Agency) study reviewed over 400,000 Apartments Water Consumption… the results were astounding!

Non Sub-Metered Properties

(Water Paid In-Rent) used an average of 52,190 Gallons Per Unit Annually or 143 Gallons Per Day.

Submetered Properties

(Tenant Pays Individual Water) used an average of 44,230 Gallons Annually or 121.1 Gallons Per Day.

Smart Metering with ION Energy Solutions

Our properties use an average of 25,550 Gallons Per Unit Annually: or 90 Gallons Per Unit Per Day (when owner pays water with Leak Detection and Over-Consumption Reports) or 70-90 Gallons Per Unit Per Day (when tenant Pays water with ION Leak Detection and Over-Consumption Reports)


Why We’re the Best in the Business…because we’re tested and approved!

ION SMARTech® patented technology is exclusive provider for HUD to meter water, sewer, gas and electric on all multifamily properties. ION’s metering technology measures utility consumption in real time through a military grade 2.4 Ghz wireless mesh network. This real time data collection and analysis offers total insight identifying leaks, over-consumption and individual apartment efficiencies.

ION SMARTech® Delivers ROI
that is 50% Higher

SMARTech® allows a very proactive approach to real-time monitoring of utility consumption to detect leaks, over-consumption. ION’s water meters ADC (Average Daily Consumption) is up to 50% less than traditional water meters and 50% less that properties without metering. Every dollar we save a property owner typically translates into $13-15 of value. The ION meters typically increase property at a minimum of value $6000-8000 per door.

  • HUD  has installed H2O Degree  in over 100 properties in just over 12 Months
  • ION records 50%+ Aggregate Savings vs Non-Submetered Properties:
  • 25% Savings from Tenant Accountability — Real time monitoring and access
  • 18-25% for “Change Management” — Management tools to address leaks, over-consumption, vacant units, asset management
  • ION Smart-Metering Technology
  • Lowest Cost of Acquisition (2-3 Times Cheaper than any competitor)
  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Virtually Fail Proof