Who We Are

ION Energy Solutions enables affordable housing and multi-unit owners and developers to conserve water, reduce expenses and reallocate funds for property and tenant improvements. Our water optimization platform helps clients to consume 50% less water than the industry average, saving customers 30 – 70% on monthly water bills. Property developers can use these savings to validate improved proforma during underwriting, benefiting financing terms with equity and debt partners.  

Our mission is to optimize and maintain water efficiencies in affordable and multi-unit properties through the continuous collection and utilization of water performance data.  

We are committed to serving the Affordable Housing market and envision a more sustainable future where both facilities and communities can thrive through improved water efficiency. With our technology we are working towards reducing water consumption within the industry by 30% by 2030. 

What Makes ION’s Platform Different? 

ION Energy Solutions’ water optimization platform is ideal for Affordable Housing and multi-unit properties. The platform works in real-time, identifying unit-level water events, pinpointing malfunctions and generating automated work orders to stop water loss before it impacts a property’s operating income. Clients using the technology benefit from improved water efficiencies that not only reduce operating expenses, but also make a positive environmental impact. 


Conserve Water, Improve Affordable Housing Communities

Water scarcity and the affordable housing shortage affect millions across the United States. ION’s platform can help to alleviate both issues. We invite you to be part of our efforts to save water and improve affordable housing properties by joining our community and getting started with ION’s platform today.